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Here you can find out more about me, what makes me tick, what I'm passionate about.

Where have I been?

I'm an Adelaide boy at heart, even though I haven't lived there since January 1978.ST_0241_72dpi.jpg

I spent 7 years with the Royal Australian Air Force and then left to explore a calling into ordained ministry with the Uniting Church.

After another 7 years in formation (a B.A. (Pub Rel) and B.Theol later) I then spent 16 years in congregational ministry followed by 7 years in a regional oversight role where, as part of a team, I served the entire SE side of Melbourne in the role of (take a deep breath) Presbytery Minister - Mission & Education. In January 2015 I took up the role of Chaplain at Tasmania's only Uniting Church school, Scotch Oakburn College.

I met my beautiful wife Kim whilst on my way to Malaysia with the RAAF. It was love at first sight and we have over 30 years of experiences together and four wonderful children.

Over a number of years I have been developing a increasing sense of needing to leave a legacy that is bound up with young people and how they make the world a better place - a place where every person could live life to the full. My inspiration for that vision comes from Jesus' words in John 10:10.

My "legacy project" is ClearVision Leadership, a process I have developed over many years for helping people, but particularly young people work out for themselves what kind of impact they'd like to have on the world. I am keen to contribute to their sense of vision and mission in creating a world where every person can live life to the full. You can find out more about ClearVision Leadership at www.clearvisionleadership.com.au.

Since the start of 2015 I have had the priviledge of working as the Chaplain at Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston, Tasmania. It wasn't a move I had planned on, but has become an example of how if you know what you're looking for, you can see the opportunties as they arise. The opportunity for me at Scotch Oakburn College has been to develop further the ClearVision Leadership framework, and deliver it on a day to day basis as part of the college curriculum. It's like a dream come true!  

Where am I going?

My Legacy

My ideal life for when I'm 80 is like this: I'm sitting at my seaside home, overlooking the most beautiful sunset. I've had a great day and it's just the like the day before, and many other days.

Two or three times a day my door bell rings. It's a younger person visiting, usually aged around 45-60. People still call them Gen Y!

My visitors come by to say thanks for me being part of their life, and they tell me stories about the wonderful world they're creating; a world where people live terrific lives, where justice is common, where people and the corporate community make great use of their assets to create a better place - where it is true that every person has the opportunity to live life to the full.

As my visitors leave, they barely notice my "good bye" because in our encounter, they have gained yet more clarity of purpose, deeper insight into their gifts and calling, and greater passion for making a difference. They leave with a purpose of step and a clarity of vision that almost carries them out the door - and I have had a very good day!

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